Monday, August 30, 2010

Ok, so i'm just going to talk about who would win in a fight between Batman, Superman, Alucard, Vash the stampede, The mask, deadpool, ironman, tetsuo, Spawn and goku. Personally, my favourite two are Alucard and Vash, since they are so badass. I mean Vash has no regenerative capabilities, but hes still fast, and crazy kickass. Alucard can never really die, and he has the ability to afflict the mind with ANYTHING he wants, and he has that crazy pistol of his. But realistically i think vash wouldn't win. Batman, i don't know WHY people like batman. Hes kool but he would get buttraped. Superman, maybe, but again he HAS died before. The mask can do anything, bend reality and such. So im almost inclined to vote for him. Although he can really only inflict cartoonish violence. Ironman wouldn't last THAT long, and tetsuo can really do just about anything with those physic powers of his. So long as he doesn't go crazy and unstable again. Spawn has died like almost every episode so while hes kool i doubt he would last beyond the second round. Goku, i dunno hes died aswell, but hes pretty badass. Last but certainly not least. Mr Deadpool. He can stay alive through anything so long as death sees fit. BUT i dunno. I think it would come down to Alucard, Tetsuo (granted he doesn't kill himself), Superman, the mask goku and deadpool. I'm indesicive i know. But whatever. Maybe they'll all see that they are all equally fuckin awsome and go play Halo 3 together and laugh at the master chief.